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Some shows have it, some shows need it back, some shows want it a little too much, and some shows are better off without it. [spam] [spam] , as I'm sure we can all agree, definitely has it -- there's tension laced into every relationship on [spam] [spam] . But forensics-based flirtation can only last so long before the anatomy jokes start to wear thin. With the [spam] [spam] premiere coming up on September 17, it's time to start speculating. Will the URST between [spam] [spam] and Booth drop the U? And what about the other disturbingly attractive geeks on the show? Who'll jump whose [spam]?

First of all, a few skeletons need dusting off. In Season 1, [spam] [spam] (Emily Deschanel) and Booth (David Boreanaz) got to know each other well enough to build up some substantial URST. Season 2, however, introduced inevitable complications. Cam (Tamara Taylor) -- Booth's ex and [spam]' new boss -- entered the picture, while another of Booth's ex-girlfriends gave him some trouble. Meanwhile, [spam] [spam] picked up her own love interest, Sullivan. And Angela (Michaela Conlin) and Hodgins (T.J. Thyne) got together. Season 3 postulated the Cam-Booth pairing, while also revealing Sweets' (John Francis Daley) girlfriend, Daisy. And [spam] [spam] marked the Angela-Hodgins split. Plus, Booth's brother Jared entered the picture to date [spam]. Naturally, the season ended with Booth in a coma, envisioning [spam] [spam] as the mother of his child.
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