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Posted: Fri Sep 25, 2009 10:16 am Reply with quote
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Have been watching these Lost [spam] and been thinking back to older shows, and the more I watch them the more it seems there changing the storyline as the go. Take Rouseau, in Lost [spam] episode Numbers, she talks to Hurley about her team going to the tower several times, but you saw in the Lost Season 5 [spam] episode them not knowing where it was and getting Jin to take them only to be hit by the monster. She goes there later by herself she states later and sets the recording. Also, when she originally finds Ben(aka Henry) in her net, she doesn't recognize him, but she should since he was the one her stole Lost [spam] from her in her tent and she clearly saw him then. I can go on and on about other issues and discrepancies. Does anyone else see them?

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