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Posted: Thu Oct 29, 2009 3:39 pm Reply with quote
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I've loved Scrubs from the get-go. Its always been my favorite comedy on TV, and probably always will be. That being said, season seven was a a sense.

The season as a whole is good, with some major happenings. As for the [spam], the first disc is classic Scrubs It's extremely funny and even has a few parts that get you thinking. The second disc is where things wander off. I understand the season was cut short due to the writers strike. I get that. But the second disc's episodes aren't that good. I can watch them, and yes I'll laugh, but it's not the Scrubswe all know and love. It's different.
As passable as this season was, it had THE WORST season finale (that really wasn't) ever. If you haven't seen it, Dr. Cox is telling his son a bedtime story, that of course features everyone at Sacred Heart. Minus a couple pretty good parts, it was a complete letdown that went against pretty much everything Scrubs is.

At the end of the day this IS Scrubs. So you can expect laughs. And if this is what we had to be given to get us to the eighth season--which is shaping up to be one of the best yet--I'll deal with it.
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