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Posted: Thu Nov 05, 2009 3:19 pm Reply with quote
She hasnít even seen the newstar trek voyager
film yet, but Kate Mulgrew, who played Captain Kathryn Janeway in the [spam] [spam]
Star Trek: Voyager TV series, already wants in on the rebooted franchise.
Mulgrew's Captain Janeway also had a cameo in thethe wire 1-5 [spam]
2002 movie Star Trek: Nemesis. When asked if she would consider monk [spam]
a role in the rebooted Trek film series by J.J. Abrams, [spam] [spam]
she responded, "I would, I'd love to return to star trek voyager [spam]
Janeway. I'd lovestar trek voyager complete series
to do her in a movie."

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