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I have been a fan of The X Files [spam] ever since the third season. What drew

me to the show was the cool, creepy environments that Mulder and Scully kept finding themselves in, the gruesome special effects work, and the incredible production values (the

writing and camera work are both top-notch.) However, I had completely missed the first two years of [url=http://www.[spam].com/products/The-Simple-Life-Seasons-1-5-[spam]-

Boxset-[spam]-1805.html]The X Files [spam][/url]. Sure, Fox had released some episodes on VHS, but not even half of a season was available. When I got a [spam] player, this was the

first thing I bought. The X Files [spam] is quite expensive, but do the math:

an average [spam] costs twenty bucks, and usually has at least 2 and a half hours of stuff. [url=http://www.[spam].com/products/The-Simple-Life-Seasons-1-5-[spam]-Boxset-[spam]-

1805.html]The X Files [spam][/url] contains SEVEN discs, with four episodes per disc at 45 minutes each. That's 3 hours per disc, and less than 20 dollars each. Plus, the seventh

disc has a ton of cool extra stuff, like all of the TV spots for each episode, plus the deleted Teletubby scene from "Fallen Angel." Bottom line: if you like this show, you need

this set. It's just that simple. Absolutely amazing episodic television doesn't even begin to describe what [url=http://www.[spam].com/products/The-Simple-Life-Seasons-1-5

-[spam]-Boxset-[spam]-1805.html]The X Files [spam][/url] is. Not unlike other reviewers here, I didn't catch on to [url=http://www.[spam].com/products/The-Simple-Life-Seasons-1-5

-[spam]-Boxset-[spam]-1805.html]The X Files [spam][/url] right when it began. I kept hearing about[url=http://www.[spam].com/products/The-Simple-Life-Seasons-1-5-[spam]-Boxset-[spam]-

1805.html]The X Files [spam][/url] and kept hearing about it until I finally caught an episode late in the first season. I believe the first show I watched was "Darkness Falls."

All I could say at that time was "what an amazing experience, why haven't I watched [url=http://www.[spam].com/products/The-Simple-Life-Seasons-1-5-[spam]-Boxset-[spam]-

1805.html]The X Files [spam][/url] from the beginning." I knew at that time that I was hooked on [url=http://www.[spam].com/products/The-Simple-Life-Seasons-1-5-[spam]-Boxset-

[spam]-1805.html]The X Files [spam][/url] until the very last episode was aired, which I was.

I have every season of The Simple Life [spam] and I have enjoyed the

first seasons until season 4, when Paris and Nicole had their feud. But even though they didn't work together the season was fine. So now that they got together again to make

season 5, I thought that buy The Simple Life [spam] was going to be

really funny. But I really found cheap The Simple Life [spam] not so

funny. This time they go to camp and there are not really fun scenes. I think that one of reasons can be, that they are in another stage of their lifes. I mean they are in their

late 20's so making stupid things (Let's be honest. The Simple Life [spam]

was fun because they were always making stupid things. Funny but stupid) is not so funny any more. And the other I think, was that there was nothing exciting in the

stories that they made for this season.
I heard that season 5 is the closing season of The Simple Life [spam] series

. I think that it wasn't a good idea to end The Simple Life [spam]

that had had success without closing it big.

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