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Top 10 remaining girls perform 1970's songs. Two will be going home.

Syesha Mercado says she has acted in a lot of commercials in Miami and she does her baby-crying impression. She sings "Me and Mr. Jones," which is typically "Me and Mrs. Jones," and the whole first part of the song is really quiet and breathy and then the last two lines she has some big notes. Randy says it wasn't a good song choice "for you for me," because for those small moments, it didn't really work for her. Paula says she goes off during the softer notes but she's great with the big ones. Simon: "I thought it was a bit indulgent. ... I was put off as soon as you started it, and it's not really a song that's designed for your voice anyway."

Carly Smithson is up. She says that even though she and her husband own a tattoo shop, she works in an Irish bar around the corner. Her song tonight is "Crazy on You" by Heart. First up, let me say that I adore this song. Lots. And I guess she's probably trying to "make it her own," but I don't really like how she takes the staccato delivery out of the chorus. That said, her voice sounds pretty good. Randy: "It was good toward the end," but he felt like in the middle it was a little pitchy. "It was all right man, it was all right." Paula is glad she is healthy again and says it's obvious that she loves Heart. Carly says it's her favorite song ever, and Paula tells her to "go crazy on him," gesturing at Simon. Simon says it was a much better performance than last week, but "I still don't think yet you've connected with the right song yet. ... I think you are, I'll put it on the record, an incredible singer. I don't think any of these other girls can touch you vocally." But he says that she needs to find the exact right song, and she'll be the one to beat.

Kristy Lee Cook says she's a tomboy who loves fishing, softball, sports, camping, etc. But she also likes dressing up sometimes. Her song for the evening is "You're No Good," made famous by Linda Ronstadt. She has a growly note go seriously awry, but other than that, it's pretty good. Randy says it is a 100 percent improvement over last week, though she didn't quite have any breakout moments. But he still liked it. Paula says it was a good song choice for her. Simon says he can't remember what she sang last week, so this was better, but at the moment, he doesn't quite know how to classify her. He adds that if she goes a more country direction, she might make more of a statement.

Ramiele Mabulay talks to Ryan about how upset she was at the goodbye show last week, and she says it was because her roommate and Colton, one of her closest friends, both left. In her interview, she says she used to Polynesian dance as a kid. On stage, she sings "Don't Leave Me This Way." She has fun with the song, but sounds much better on the big notes for sure. Randy says it was a little rough for him because of the song choice. Paula says she is one to beat here and that her vocals are "truly amazing," but it's the same notes over and over, so she didn't get to "perform your magic." Simon agrees with Paula "astonishingly," and says she was much better last week, and that this wasn't super memorable. He says she is one of the top three singers in the competition, but this song didn't work. Ramiele says she had a tough time with song choice and changed her mind several times.

Brooke White says her surprise for the audience is that she went to beauty school and loves doing hair. She comes out with her guitar and sings Carly Simon's "You're So Vain," adding a little tiny twang to it. Simon's mike is on, and I don't think he knows it, as we clearly hear him saying, despite the crowd noise, "I like the way she was looking at me while she sang the song." Ruh-roh, George. Randy says it was a great a song choice for her and that even though she didn't "put anything new on it," he still liked it. He mentions that she was staring at the judges' table the whole time and asks her whether she was singing it to them, or "another guy other than me?" Paula calls it the perfect song choice because "it totally suits you." Simon: "I absolutely loved it. It was the absolute perfect song for you. ... It absolutely connected; the song didn't sound old-fashioned." Ryan says he liked it because he thought the song was about you. "Actually, I thought it was," Simon says.

Alaina Whitaker says her strange fact is that she keeps all her food separate and that she used to actually use a different fork for each food, but she's gotten better. OK, then. She sings "Hopelessly Devoted to You," and suddenly, I feel like we're back on Grease: You're the One That I Want. She's OK, but things get kind of ragged during the chorus. And I'm still having flashbacks from hearing that song 400 times during the aforementioned show. Randy says he loves the song, but he doesn't think it was the right song for her, and that she was pitchy during the verses. Paula says she did a "real good job," and that she doesn't think it was as bad as Randy said. Simon: "It's almost as if your grandmother prepared you for this audition. ... It was all a bit pageanty for me, if I'm being honest." But he says she's one of the dark horses, she just needs to sort herself out "and become relevant. Simon also picks on her dress, and when Ryan goes back to talk to Alaina, she's still worked up about them not liking her outfit. Randy says it's a nice blue dress, and Ryan says he's the expert on women's fashion. Simon tries to get Ryan to weigh in on the outfit, and he says, "Heels and blue dresses, this isn't really my thing." Simon: "Well, that's not exactly true." Zowie.

Amanda Overmyer's hair scares me. In her interview, she says that something surprising about her is that she is a bookworm and is always looking to become more educated. She sings "Carry on, My Wayward Son," by Kansas. I ask my husband for confirmation on the band, and he tells me Kansas sings it, then immediately says, "She shouldn't be singing it!" This from someone who's been able to ignore the whole first half of the show. But yeah, skunky-looking giant hair, totally flat performance, awkward dancing, screamy vocals. Not my favorite of the night by a long shot. Randy: "For me, man, it wasn't the right song choice for you. ... There was way too much melody in there for a bluesy girl." Paula says she has some moves and can dance and that she knows Amanda is worried about not doing too much Janis or whatever, but that she needs to do what suits her. Then she pulls out her favorite line (and her line that annoys me as much as Randy's "for me for you"): "You are needed in this competition." Simon: "I thought actually in your film you came over as very natural, very cool, and then after that, everything felt contrived. ... I couldn't wait for it to finish."

Asia'h Epperson is up. Her fun fact is that she was a cheerleader all through middle school and high school. She adds that delivering personality and spirit is something she carries with her on stage, too, so it's apt. She sings "All By Myself." When she gets into the chorus, her voices totally disappears on the word "by," so she powers up through the rest of the song. Randy says he knows she is sick, but that with the highest degree of difficulty, she did a pretty good job. Paula says she had some trouble with the low notes, but the ending is what counts on this song. Simon says it is one of the diva songs of all time and that she isn't a big enough (or good enough) singer to take on this song, so the song "showed you up."

Kady Malloy says she's been singing opera since she was about 9. She creeps down the stairs, singing Heart's "Magic Man." She's pretty much overwhelmed by the song and the band until the very last line. Randy asks if she loves that song. She says yes. He says he loves this song, but "it never found its pitch ... you never quite found the notes. ... It just didn't work." Paula says when she powered up, she sounded great, but low, not so much. Simon says he's very frustrated because "on film" she is great, and then when she comes on stage, it doesn't go anywhere.

Alexandrea Lushington sings Chicago's "If You Leave Me Now." Her voice sounds good, but the song is so subdued, it's kind of a letdown after last week. Randy says it was "so safe" it didn't show off her "mad vocal skills." Paula says she let got and made it her own and adds that she's relevant. Simon says she is struggling right now and that the song is "absolutely stuck in its time period. ... It just wasn't you. You look terrific, but it was boring." She tells Ryan she tries to intake and apply all their advice

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