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Posted: Sat Jun 21, 2008 3:47 pm Reply with quote
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Does anyone remember Josiah Leming? This is the 18-year old that was living in his car and playing the piano when singing, but he messed up his last song "Stand by Me" and didn't make it to the Hollywood round. Well guess what! he got signed by Warner Bros and is currently recording an album. I thought this guy was real good and even tough he messed up his last song he deserved a chance to be in Hollywood and so did Simon, but apparantly Paula and Randy disagreed.

"Since I signed the deal, it's been a lot of wait, wait, wait. Now it's finally come. I'm in this awesome studio, working on songs... It's amazing. This is everything I ever wanted" Says Josiah Leming.

Reports that Leming would sign with Warner Bros. Records first surfaced in March after he was the final seventh-season hopeful to learn he wouldn't be a Top 24 seventh-season semifinalist.
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