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Jason Castro sang the Israel Kamakawiwo'ole rendition of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and it was his best performance to date.

Randy called it "blazing, molten hot."

Syesha Mercado sang a really, really cheesy song called "I Believe." Never heard of it. Never want to hear it again.

When Randy tried to tell her she didn't have the connection the original singer

Michael Johns tackled one of the toughest songs ever: Aerosmith's "Dream On." The song itself felt a little strange because he had to cut it down to virtually a few lines due to time constraints.

Randy called his performance "pitchy" (shocker) and Johns argued that dreams really do come true. Umm… not when you're off key, buddy.

Lecherous Paula Abdul argued that he "looked as good as he sounded."

Simon Cowell said that although he liked the performance, it was a little "wannabe-ish."

Kristy Lee Cook sang "Anyway" by Martina McBride. Randy said she had some "pitch moments," but that he loved it.

"This was your best by far. Excellent." Simon said. "With a choice this broad, you have a chance to show who you are as an artist, and I think you did very well indeed."

Brooke White. Ugh. If you didn't know, Brooke has taken the moral high road and has made a point to never have seen an R-rated movie.

Yeah, Brooke - Schindler's List was a bad movie for bad people. This movie also sucked. Oh, so did this one.

Obviously Brooke sang "You've Got a Friend" because that's the kind of gal she is. Randy said it wasn't her best performance.

Crazy Paula said her sister used to play this song again and again. Simon said it was "a pleasant walk in the park. Was it original? No. Was it pleasant? Yes."

Carly Smithson took on Queen's "The Show Must Go On" to a luke-warm reception.

David Cook sang "Innocent" by his favorite band, Our Lady Peace. It was weird. The song had some pitch problems and then David closed by flashing his hand, which read "give back" to the camera.

He finished by giving an ultra melodramatic look into the camera.

Simon said, "I didn't like this performance very much at all. I think it was a teensy weensy bit pompous."

David Archuleta sang "Angels" while playing the piano.

Randy loved it; Paula said it was "fantastic" while Simon said it was the best song choice of the night so far and that David was going to "sail through."
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Michael Johns is out. What a shocker. I thought he would make at least Top 3.
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i loved somwhere over the rainbow
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Yeah, he's really gifted.

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