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Tonight the remaining 8 girls perform 80's songs. I will recap the show in order which I thought were the best.

Amanda Overmyer
Most embarrassing moment: Burning down her family’s deck and pool. She seemed to be reminiscing her pyro days fondly.
Song: “I Hate Myself For Loving You” (Joan Jett)
Kathy: See what the right song choice can do for a girl? This was fantastic. So great, in fact that I nearly forgot the Cruella de Vil debacle from last week. This was the Mandy we know and love. You are going to have to lighten up a bit and smile though. You’re playing to America here. You’ve already won over me and Erin but not everyone appreciates dark and cynical the way we do. You probably don’t have enough range to take you super far but hopefully you sealed a spot in the top 12 with this perf.
My Thoughts: Amanda is back. This time she didn't have wierd 80's hair, even tough she was singing 80's. I always loved Joan Jett and "I hat emyself for loving you" was one of my favorite tracks of th 80's. I was glad Amand picked this song and it suited her perfectly.

Carly Smithson

Most embarrassing moment: Got her leg stuck in a railing
Song: “I Drove All Night” (Roy Orbison recorded it first, Cyndi Lauper made it famous in the ‘80s, then Celine ruined it later)
Kathy: Let’s face it Carly, you’ve got the best voice in the competition, always in tune, always in pitch. And your song choices aren’t awful. But you’ve got to start wowing the crowd. You remind me of Carrie Underwood, who delivered reliably solid, but dull performances and was never in danger of being voted off. Carrie waited until about the top 7 or 8 to floor us with that Heart song and really lay claim to the prize. Don’t wait that long, you’ve got more competition than she did.
My Thoughts: There can be no ‘80s night without the divine Miss Cyndi, and with the encouragement of a [spam] mom on the sidelines, Carly took to the stage singing “Drove All Night” and nailed it. I enjoyed her performance a great deal, but Simon was a bit harsh on this one. I think this is further proof that Simon just might be dead inside. Check out his eyes. They are cold and soulless, like those in a Build-a-Bear bin. He needs take a big gulp of Paula’s Coke and chill out.

Asia’h Epperson
Most embarrassing moment: Was a roller-skating extra in a movie and ran into some lighting equipment.
Song: “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” (Whitney Houston)
Kathy: Oh Asia’h honey. You did fine, but it was Whitney. Not only that, but it was Whitney at her freshest; before Bobby Brown. Before crack and reality TV and doodie bubbles and rehab. Whitney when she was just Cissy’s little girl and Dionne’s niece. You set yourself up to fail. We won’t even talk about the ill-fitting ugly pants. Still love you, but if you make the cut tonight you’re going to have to start bringing it.
My Thoughts: I thought Asia’h nailed this song. She sounded just like Whitney.

Ramiele Malubay
Most embarrassing moment: Rode bike to crush’s house, left him a picture, then spied on him while he and his mom laughed at her picture. Ouch.
Song: “Against All Odds” (Phil Collins)
Kathy: A decade of great artists, fun girl groups and daring female solo stars and you pick Phil freakin’ Collins? Why? And this song?! You’re young, you’re fun, you’re adorable. You have a big voice. Shape up before it’s too late.
My Thoughts: Yes folks, it’s another depressing Phil Collins song. He’s really giving Whitney a run for her money this year on “Idol.” Hey kids, the man did have a few upbeat numbers over his career. Have these contestants never listened to “Sussudio”? Or did Patrick Bateman ruin it for everyone? Ram’s perf was fine, but it sounded like she was holding back. However, her after-performance convo was adorable. So she wins points from me.

Brooke White
Most embarrassing moment: A church story. Go figure. She ran up to a man she thought was her father and hugged him and it turned out not to be her father.
Kathy: That actually happened to me once, not at church but at the school carnival and the man I hugged was the school principal, in costume. It was quite embarrassing, but I was 10; I got over it. Many more embarrassing moments followed. Still, Brooke and I are kindred spirits in a way.
Song: “Love is a Battlefield” (Pat Benatar)
My Thoughts: Another great performance.

Syesha Mercado
Most embarrassing moment: Wrote a letter to a crush and included some strawberry gum. The jerk not only chewed the gum but he told on her to the teacher.
Song: Saving All My Love for You (Whitney, again)
My Thoughts: A good perfromance.

Kristy Lee Cook
Most embarrassing moment: Suffered from a canine psychosis.
Song: “Faithfully” (Journey)
Kathy: Kristy, you’re about as scintillating as a city council meeting. Were you just trying to [spam] up to Randy with this choice? I think you succeeded there but it didn’t work for me. Picking songs from bands is unwise in general, but if you’re a girl you shouldn’t pick a band led by a male singer with a big, big voice that you can’t emulate. Also, what happened trying country songs? I thought we had agreed to try that.
Erin: When Paula doles out the “pretty” comments, it’s pretty much the kiss of death. I was bored to tears. Her country version of the “Journey” song might have won her points with Randy, but it did little to endear me to her. It sounded like a throw away song you hear in any romantic comedy when the main characters reflect on their loneliness.

Kady Malloy
Most embarrassing moment: Sang an Xtina song at a talent show, screwed it up, then fell.
Song: “Who Wants To Live Forever” (Queen)
Kathy: You sang Queen. I’m not talking to you. You’re doomed to doing Britney imitations at county fairs.
My Thoughts: Oooh she blow it. She was one of my favorites coming into top 24, but she totally messed up with this song choice.

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