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The American Idols sing Neil Diamond songs and Neil was on hand to advice them. Each perfromer sang 2 songs from Neil.

David Archuleta sings "Sweet Caroline:" Wow is he off in the first few bars. The arrangement is really weird. (But Diamond thinks he's a prodigy?) This feels like an obnoxious karaoke performance. I know y'all love your Archie, but this is not his finest moment. Yes, he can sing, but sometimes, less is more, peeps. The ending was not bad.

David Cook sings"I'm Alive:" David busts out the electric guitar and totally rocks this song (and gave ND goose bumps during rehearsal.) It just looks so easy for David Cook to kick [spam]. Nice work!

Jason Castro sings "Forever in Blue Jeans:" OK, I know a lot of you love Jason, and I used to dig him, but how is he still here? Really, he should have been gone a few weeks ago. I'm totally bored by this version of "Blue Jeans." Even the crowd looks bored.

Syesha Mercado sings "Hello, Again:" Wow, she looks so pretty, and her singing has improved each week. Now I kinda get why she's still here. Way to go, girl. She really nails this song and puts her own spin on it. That's why ND wanted to hug her.

Brooke sings "I'm a Believer:" She looks like she's a deer caught in headlights and like she's hiding behind her guitar. She's totally uptight and doesn't do the song justice, though I honestly think she could have if she wasn't so damn nervous. The end isn't bad because she's has a bit more fun with it.

After the first round the judges were asked by Ryan what they thought. Paula Abdul though that Jason sang two songs and started saying how she liked one better than the other. God! what was she on this time?

In the second round the performers sing as follows.

David Cook sings"All I Really Need Is You:" Wow he was really good on this song. I think he's doing fine on his own. Randy said he rocked the house, Paula was "So proud of himů and feels like I'm looking at the next American Idol." Simon said the first song was OK and the second was brilliant. Thank you, Simon!

David A. sings "America:" What's up with the hand curved at your side, Archie? You're not Vanna White. This kid will do well tonight because, like Kristy Lee Cook, it's such a patriotic song. No one votes against America! He sings the heck out of the song, and the crowd goes nuts. Randy said he's in the zone, Paula thought it was the perfect song for him to sing because he had some fun and Simon thought it was a very smart song choice and he sang it very well.

Brooke sings "I Am, I Said:" Now this is much more "Brooke," and she really connects to the song, though her vocals aren't top notch tonight. Randy thought she did a nice job on a difficult song, Paula thought she showed her vulnerability and it worked for her and Simon said he really hated the first song, and the second song was the Brooke we know -- well done.

Syesha sings "Thank the Lord for the Nighttime:" Syesha has a lot of fun with this song, clapping with the back up singers, but her dancing is a little cheesy for me. She does a great job with the song and ends the show on a positive note. Randy thought she finally realizes "who she is," Paula thought her first song was touching, the second song was her theatrical side and Simon said she demonstrated she is a good actress/singer, but that she may be in trouble tonight.

Jason sings "September Morn": So, apparently he wasn't listening to Simon. It was really "phoned in" and really boring. Boo, Jason. Randy thought it was really just OK, Paula thought he took the same tone with both songs, and Simon said it was forgettable.

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