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Posted: Wed Mar 18, 2009 2:05 pm Reply with quote
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NEW YORK (AP) Jorge Nunez and Jasmine Murray may not be the next American Idol but at least they got to feel like they were for a short time.One thing they will miss after being voted off Fox's popular singing competition is the mansion in which contestants were housed. The LA dream pad is new this season.
"American Idolspoiled us. They treated us like stars," 16-year-old Jasmine Murray says.Jorge Nunez, 20, jokes that the mansion was so big, it was tiring."If I left something upstairs like my cell phone, I'd be like, 'Oh, I don't care who calls me. ...' At night, I'd go wondering around discovering new places. It's like wonderland," Nunez says.
"They had two pools, a bowling alley, big rehearsal room. It was the most amazing house I'd ever seen in my life and I never thought I'd be living in that," Murray adds.
Both Nunez and Murray received rejections twice during last week's results show: first, by getting the lowest number of votes; second by not receiving the judges "save," a new clause allowing the judges to vote once to save a contestant from elimination until the top five."In the end, I think what happened was meant to happen," Nunez says.
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Not to mention the fact that even the smallest record labels will be possibly looking to sign them. Regardless their lives are changed.
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Maybe they didn't last long, but it sounds like staying in that house was a great vacation! Razz

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