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2010 had a flying start for singer Carrie Underwood not only in her professional, but also in her personal life. A little before Christmas the 25-year-old country singer announced her engagement to hockey player Mike Fisher. Fisher plays center for the NHL’s Ottawa Senators.
Carrie says the night they got engaged they had to spend the whole evening on the phone telling personally their friends and family the big announcement so that nobody would be surprised reading about it in the press.
The blossoming romance between the hockey pro and the country singer happened “overnight” according to Underwood’s friend.
The couple has no date for the wedding yet due to their busy schedules. They are currently trying to clear enough time for the ceremony itself and for some alone “time to enjoy being married”. And that’s not the only challenge before the couple. Mike lives in Ottawa, Carrie in Nashville. Geography issues will have to be solved as well.
She is currently preparing for the wedding which will probably be big despite the confession of Underwood that she would prefer a small one. In the midst of torn pages with pictures of dresses, bouquets and other wedding accessories, Carrie has already thought about one important question – her family name after the big “I do.” She says she will most likely take legally her future husband’s name but will keep the family name Underwood as her professional name.
Carrie Underwood admits she has to fight getting overweight constantly. According to her, genetics are not “on her side,” and that has forced the singer to devoid herself of catering and concentrate on groceries. The other “tool” helping her be in shape is her personal trainer, Tony Greco. And now the wedding is just another good reason for her to be fit.
Carrie is one of the incredible discoveries of American Idol. She won the fourth season of the popular show in 2005. The famous show shot her to stardom clearing the road before her so that now miss Underwood has more than 10 million albums sold, a few Grammy Awards on her shelves along with many other awards such as CMA and AMA. She has released three albums: Some Hearts, Carnival Ride, and her latest release Play On.
Carrie recently commented on the change of judges in the jury of American Idol. For the up-coming ninth season instead of Paula Abdul Ellen DeGeneres will take the stand. Miss Underwood believes this is a positive change and a good choice because according to her Ellen DeGeneres will help the contestants feel good about their performances and will be a good encouragement for them.
She is busy not only with her wedding plans, 2010 Carrie Underwood tour but also with some filming. She is to guest star on a forthcoming episode of How I Met Your Mother.
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