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Oh what a great end to an awesome episode of an otherwise not so great season of American Idol. Lee Dewyze was so sure of himself that he had broken down even before he had been officially announced as the winner of the current American Idol. In fact those of you who saw it must have been surprised to see Simon Cowell break down and manage a tear up a little when he had been giving his farewell speech.
What’s more I had been shocked when the opening song had been Alice Cooper’s song titled “Schools Out” (For Summer) with Orianthi playing on the guitar. Not only this but the respective rock legend himself made a live appearance on the Idol stage and had everybody really excited. The rock element had been kind of miffing in the current season so who ever gave the idea of bringing Cooper to the venue of the Kodak Theatre today hands up to him/her.
American Idol’s viewers differ when it comes to their opinions regarding the remaining contestants of this show and which one of them should win. But one thing that almost all its viewers will agree upon is that the recent American Idol show was not as interesting as its previous seasons. Hence the ratings of the respective show have crashed down accordingly. As the show is heading into its season finale I would personally like to make a few suggestions that might prove helpful inputting the Idol’s ninth season back on the track.
First of all I would like to say that who very is going to win although as per thinking it may seem as the winner it made out in terms of a successful music career, it is not the case. For example you can look towards Season 5's fourth-place finalist named Chris Daughtry, who has made it big in spite of not being the winner and has managed to sell more than 5 million music albums. Other than that look at the last year's third-place finalist named Danny Gokey, whose debut music album had been titled "My Best Days," and had made it to the No. 3 spot on the charts when it had been released in the month of March.
When Lee DeWyze had given a performance on the song titled “Hallelujah” on the respective show in the current week. In accordance to his performance it does not seem as if he would be having any trouble in outpacing the version of this song that another contestant named Tim Urban had sung in the beginning of this season.
You would know what I mean if you have ever been to some concert and have seen some opening act give a performance on some song that will later be performed by the main act themselves.Get your cheap american idols tickets before they sold out.

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