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The night's theme was Dolly Parton, country star who has written over 3000 songs with 25 #1 hits. Dolly also coached the contestants.

David Cook – “Little Sparrow” – (Dolly said seemed secure, voice beautiful) - Kudos to the hair stylist, with his guitar, well done – Randy said another hot consistent performance – Paula said – I like the hair cut, fantastic, false is nice – Simon said not as good as last week, but if you can make a song about sparrows good congratulations.

David Archuleta – “Smokey Mountain Memories” – (Dolly said he was feeling the emotion, has the voice to become a great singer) – ballad, great connection and emotion, beautifully done – Randy said David Archuleta is back, stand corrected best performance of the night – Paula said beautiful aura, glorious – Simon said this week on the money.

Michael Johns – “It’s All Wrong, But It’s All Right” – (Dolly said I like his voice) – bluesy, his most creative performance, loved it – Randy said blazing hot performance – Paula said you’re a rock star – Simon said best I have heard you sing in the competition.

Ramiele Malubay – “Do I Ever Cross Your Mind” – (Dolly said got spunk and personality) – cute, but just not strong enough – Randy said kinda ‘ahright’, 6 ½ out of 10 – Paula said proud of you, great minute and thirty seconds – Simon said cute, sang it quite well, forgettable, see it on a cruise ship.

Carly Smithson – “Here You Come Again” – (Dolly said good choice, killed it) – sung as a ballad, clear, beautiful, she’s back – Randy said one of the better performances of the night – Paula said glorious, amazing talent – Simon said good but didn’t think it was great, have a word with whoever is dressing you need to start looking like a star.

Kristy Lee Cook – “The Coat of Many Colors” – (Dolly said made it her own) – we all knew country would suit her, nice, good ending – Randy said country your wheel house – Paula said look stunning, your best performance – Simon said last week was your best, pleasant but forgettable.

Syesha Mercado – “I Will Always Love You” – (Dolly said good choice, pretty girl, good singer) – sitting on piano, stylist please help, should have been a home run song for her, started out ok a little pitch problem toward the end – Randy said pretty good ‘ahright’ – Paula said look beautiful, velvety tone, connected with audience – Simon said first part good, second part paled in comparison to Whitney, don’t know if it helped you.

Jason Castro – “ Travelin’ Thru” – (Dolly found him natural) – with guitar, much better than last few weeks, folksy – Randy said started rough, kinda cool, pretty good, you worked it out – Paula said one of your best performances – Simon said didn’t like it at all, this kind of music doesn’t suit you.

Brooke White – “Jolene” – (Dolled liked her honesty and warmth) – with guitar, earthy and organic, nice – Randy said pitch problems, rushed music, ‘ahright’ – Paula said consistent, put heart and soul in it – Simon said emotion lacking, looked odd together as group, wasn’t one of your better performances.

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