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This week's theme was Andrew Lloyd Webber, who is a famous Broadway composer, whose work includes Phantom of the Opera. He provided advice to teh contestants.

Syesha Mercado kicked off the show doing "She was brilliant!' and the judges thought so too. She began the song standing on a piano, dressed in a tight, slinky red dress. It was a good choice for her, since it was a tune that isn't overly familiar to audiences. In recent weeks, she's opted to tackle very familiar tunes made by famous by the likes of Whitney Houston and Fantasia. Those comparisions haven't been kind, and she needed a breakout performance to stick around another week. The judges loved the performance, with Randy Jackson telling her it was her best performance ever and Simon Cowell admitting that it was "very sexy."

Brooke White got the treat of singing a newer Andrew Lloyd Webber/Tim composition. "You Must Love Me" was written for the "Evita" movie. Webber said that he realized she initially didn't understand the song at all, but in the end, he proclaimed she was a "natural born actress."

But her performance quickly went wrong. She began her performance seated on the edge of the stage, and about two lines in forgot the words. She stopped in mid-sentence, muttered that she was sorry, and asked the band to begin again. The problem seemed to throw her a bit, and she continued to struggle throughout the performance. It was almost as if she then concentrated so hard on remembering the lyrics that she forgot everything else.

Jason Castro choose a familiar tune "Memory." Randy called Jason Castro's performance a bit of a "train wreck". One thing I notice about Jason is that he takes a lot of heavy breaths while singing. Am I the only one who notices this. Simon said "You came across as a young man forced to sing this song during a wedding". Ouch!

David Cook sang "Music Of The Night" from "Phantom." The rocker grew up performing Broadway. Powerful performance. In his interview segment, he mentioned that he loved the song, and had sung this type of music before. That comfort showed in a performance that blew the roof off the place. Cook traded in his typical rock voice for a more melodic, musical take on the tune. He hit some impressive notes, and it was easily the best performance of the night.

Carly Smithson sang "Jesus Christ Superstar." Carly Smithson initially chose another "Phantom" tune, "All I Ask Of You." Webber listened to a part of her rehearsal, then stopped and asked her if she would sing her second song choice, "Superstar" from "Jesus Christ Superstar." While that choice seemed smart in theory-since it's a song that requires a strong set of pipes to pull off-Smithson couldn't quite seem to get the feel of the phrasing down. If you're not familiar with the tune, listen to the classic Yvonne Elliman version from the original theatrical soundtrack. There is no comparison between the two, but despite my dislike of her performance, the judges thought it was all just wonderful.

Little David Archuleta was up next. His choice this week was "Think Of Me" is from "Phantom Of The Opera." David was good but it wasn't his best in my opinion. Randy said "It was da bomb" however. Paula Abdul thought it was "perfect" and Simon thought it was "pleasant and one of his weakest performances and all a bit forgettable to me". Totally agree there. I won't remember this performance.

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