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Tonight was a show of threes. Each contestant perfromed 3 songs from 3 different people.

Syesha’s song assignment comes from Randy. She’ll be singing Alicia Keys’ “If I Ain’t Got You.” She’s thrilled.

Syesha does pretty well with the song, but it’s still nothing we haven’t seen before. She’s really going to need to do something spectacular to keep herself in this, I think. I hope she chose something really different for the song she got to pick herself.

Randy: He thought this would be a good choice for her, and she did well. He thinks she’s peaking at the right time in this conversation, which is why she’s “standing there at number three.” D’oh! I guess even he knows she’s probably not getting past tonight.

Paula: Syesha is great and looks beautiful.

Simon: She sang well, but he wishes Randy would have chosen a song that didn’t make her sound like the original singer. He agrees that she looks gorgeous.

David A. is next. Paula has chosen for him to sing “And So It Goes” by Billy Joel. She says it shows off his voice as well as challenges him a little. Archuleta makes a very good decision to sing the first part of the song a capella, and it does indeed show off his talent.

Paula: It was a pure-sounding performance and Archuleta told a story with the song.

Simon: Simon thinks it was good but predictable (though he doesn’t mean that as a criticism, he says).

Randy: He’s happy that Paula chose a good song. Archuleta can sing anything and is both in the zone and in it to win it.

David Cook is up third, and he gets his assignment via text while appearing on a local news show in Missouri. Simon wants him to sing Roberta Flack’s “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face.” Simon wants Cook to do something different and show his originality. He knows it’s a tough song, but he thinks Cook will do well.

Paula: Paula says it’s about Cook, not Randy and Simon. He’s her second favorite person to sing that song.

Simon: Simon thinks this was one of Cook’s best performances, and that has nothing to do with the fact that he picked the song, of course. This is what makes him brilliant - he takes risks and makes his songs original. He gives round one to Cook and Cowell. This is one of the few times I disagree with Simon - I’d give the round to Archuleta.

Randy: He’s been a fan of Cook’s since day one. He loved the high note at the end but wishes Simon hadn’t picked something so predictable. Because when I think David Cook, I think Roberta Flack.

Round two is Idols’ song choices.

David Cook has chosen Switchfoot’s “Dare You to Move” for himself.

Randy: He loves Switchfoot, but the performance wasn’t Cook’s best.

Simon: He doesn’t have much too add - it was what he expected, and not the best in the world. He thinks all three singers had an okay middle round.

Paula: She knows how hard it is to squeeze a song into the allotted time and make the audience feel like they’ve gotten the whole thing. Like me, she feels that it wasn’t enough for the short time.

Syesha and her second sparkly dress of the night will be singing “Fever” by Peggy Lee.

Randy: Randy says it was an interesting song choice, but she performed it well.

Simon: She will regret this decision tomorrow. She had the chance to prove that she’s a contemporary artist, but instead she wound up with a “lame cabaret performance.” Hey, maybe America wants lame cabaret performances. America wants a lot of weird things.

Paula: Paula thinks Syesha looks lovely again. She’s surprised at this choice and isn’t sure it shows who she really is as an artist.

David Archuleta has chosen Chris Brown’s “With You,” and says it wasn’t easy to learn. He wanted to try something more recent after doing so many “older-sounding” songs.

Paula: She thinks the song was perfect for his voice, and this is another part of who he is. He needs to work on his phrasing, though.

Randy: Randy likes that Archuleta tried something new, but this wasn’t the best song choice.

Simon: Simon applauds the performance of a non-ballad, “but it was a little bit like a Chihuahua trying to be a tiger.” The performance was awkward.

The final round is producers’ choice of songs.

The producers have given Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” to Cook.

Randy: Randy loved the song but it was okay. He thinks is was predictable.

Simon: He thinks this was one of the greatest songs ever. Okay, I agreed when it first came out, but I was 16 and mostly based that on the fact that it was from the emotional ending of Armageddon. But one of the greatest songs ever? I’m surprised Simon would say that. Anyway, he says Cook wins the night.

Paula: She completely disagrees and thinks the arrangement was good. The songwriter, Diane Warren, is in the audience. Paula is sure Cook will be in the finals.

Syesha’s final song of the night is Gia Farrell’s “Hit Me Up.”

Simon: It was better than “Fever,” but her best moment came last week, with “A Change is Gonna Come.” The penguin song is young and fun, but forgettable and didn’t give her the defining moment she needed.

Paula: She mentions the Happy Feet connection (causing Simon to ask if the song is about penguins). Syesha did the song well, but it’s not really what defines her as an artist. Paula isn’t sure Syesha has gotten herself into the finals.

Randy: He calls it “Rihanna-esque” and says it was just okay.

David Archuleta has been given “Longer” by Dan Fogelberg.

Paula: It was lovely, and she doesn’t expect anything different.

Randy: He thinks it was an interesting song choice (and not his, Randy), but Archuleta could sing the phone book.

Simon: Archuleta sang the song well, but the song and lyrics were horrible. The audience boos, apparently forgetting that Simon isn’t insulting Archuleta, since he didn’t choose the song. All that said, Simon thinks Archuleta has done enough to make it to the finals.

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