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David Archuleta, last year’s Idol runner up, made his acting debut on the Nickelodeon series “iCarly” on February 7. He did a great job!

Archuleta played himself in the amusing episode. His character won a televised singing competition due to support from the iCarly group, Sam, Freddie, and Carly. The group begins to feel guilty for having supported David on their show when they learn the runner up has a mother who is dying from cancer. They decide to make it up to the runner up by helping the contestant make a music video, which they soon regret.

Archuleta’s acting debut included a performance of “Crush.” He was irresistible to watch—genuine, cute, and funny. The 80’s slapstick style of the show—with line after line of jokes—must not be easy to pull off, especially for a new actor with little practice. However, Archuleta did a great job! His genuine personality and likability really jumps off the screen.
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The new episode of iCarly, entitled "iRocked the Vote", that aired this evening was written to spotlight David Archuleta and his talents. The basic premise of the show was similar to his true life American Idol experiences. The fictional character that David played, also named David Archuleta, was a contestant on an Idol-style show that is called "America Sings". After appearing in an iCarly webcast, David's character receives a huge boost in his popularity. David only had a few lines in the show but did a good job with what he had. Crush night continued with all new episodes of True Jackson, VP and The Naked Brothers. The cap to David Archuleta's appearance in this special was the live performance of his hit song, Crush.

Last February 15, he appeared with Miranda Cosgrove as co-host of another Crush Night
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