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Star Trek Voyager Seasons 1-7 [spam]is and always will be my favorite of the star trek line. I think the Star Trek Voyager Seasons 1-7 [spam] is definately worth the time to watch and the money to buy.For whatever reasons, "Voyager" even now takes a lot of heat for being sub-par "Trek". But, I don't know, I always thought Star Trek Voyager Seasons 1-7 was a pretty good show, though I often skipped Star Trek Voyager series 1-7 when it was on the air due to my hatred of frequent commercials. Even this first season, when (like most "Trek" shows) it was still finding its footing, "Voyager" was pretty entertaining. Heck, right out of the box, Jerry Goldsmith's theme alone was gold. Most people who don't buy Star Trek Voyager 1-7 won't realize that Kate Mulgrew was actually not the first choice to be the Captain it was a French actress named Bujold. Bujold was a fine actress but really too old for the part and she has no energy whatsoever. Star Trek Voyager 1-7 box set is not only the best Star Trek series, but it is in my opinion the best show ever created. I love Star Trek Voyager Seasons 1-7 [spam](all seven seasons) more than most anything in life. If I were born and then watched Voyager, I would consider my life to be complete and fulfilled. I simply love Star Trek Voyager 1-7 that much. I can't imagine any other show that has ever been or ever will be created that can top Voyager. Plot, character development, cast, writing, and graphics (for the time) are all perfect. One must see Star Trek Voyager [spam] at some point in his or her life in order to have truly lived.

I am only 20, but [spam] 1-14 [spam]was a staple in my household since my mom first started watching it. I watched [spam] 1-14 [spam] when I was younger and still watch it to this day. ER influenced me so much that I'm currently in Nursing school. If you are a old school [spam] 1-14 fan or a new ER [spam] fan, I recommend getting all the seasons on [spam]. I watch [spam] 1-14 [spam] more then once, andER 1-14 is very entertaining watching the ER [spam] in order, over again. You'll be very happy with these [spam]'s. Enjoy! I've loved [spam] 1-14 [spam]from the first episode, and eagerly anticipate the release of each season on [spam]. Season 4 of ER series 1-14 is a beauty - kicking off with the live episode and introducing new characters such as Drs Corday and Romano. ER [spam]seems strange that the U.S. has fallen behind - Series 4 was released in Australia in April 2005. There are plenty of Australian [spam] online shops for anyone wanting to get their own copy - just make sure your [spam] player is multi-region.

[spam] Seasons 1-8 [spam]is a fantasy show about 3 sisters who happen to be witches and their lives vanquishing demons on the streets of San Francisco. [spam] series 1-8 is charming and light with occasional dark elements. The sisters are likeable and funny and wear a number of cute outfits (which you probably would not *actually* wear in S.F. due to fact that its often windy and foggy), but are cute to look at nontheless. The best thing about [spam] is the consistency of the characters. You can't help but fall in love with these three sisters and the trials and tribulations they go through.
As a big [spam] 1-8fan, I must say that I pretty much like just about everything they make. [spam] Seasons 1-8 however, starts off slower than usual as the truth unfolds about Chris. There are a few episodes that I would say are my favorites but the rest pretty much feels like fill-ins. [spam] Seasons 1-8 [spam] were neither climactic nor boring. I was pleased to see that the ending episode more than made up for it and brought back the all the "charm" and "originality" that made me fall in love with
[spam] 1-8 Boxsetin the firt place. Overall, great buy to have in your collection!Smile

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