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There are two separate stories on this [spam] starring two different Disney princesses: Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty and Princess Jasmine from Aladdin.

In the first story, Princess Aurora is put in charge of a kingdom for a day. But when the work seems overwhelming and the villagers start complaining itís up to her to come up with solutions for everyoneís problems. Aurora calls for help from one of her fairy godmothers, Merryweather, but in the end itís the princessí own hard work that proves to be a whole lot more effective than magic.

In the second story of Disney Princess Jasmine seems bored; she longs for something interesting to do with her life besides being a princess in a castle. Finally her dad agrees to get her a job at the local school, and Jasmine soon finds out that working with all the children is not as easy as it looks. She feels overwhelmed and is ready to give up but, at the same time, doesnít want to let her father and the people of her kingdom down.
So classic the walt Disney [spam] set is! I have bought walt Disney [spam] set for collection!

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