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Although he started out as the bad boy on One Tree Hill, Nathan Scott has become the ultimate family man whose relationship with wife Haley is now the core of the show. James Lafferty, who plays Scott, told that he was "excited" to have things shaken up a bit in its seventh season, which leaped (yet again) into the future. Read on about Lafferty's take on his alleged cheating storyline, and what he'd like for "Naley" if the show were to come to an end. Medium Seasons 1-5 [spam] What was your reaction when you first read the Nathan-Renee storyline?
James Lafferty: I was excited [because] it's rare nowadays that the Nathan and Haley relationship is threatened in any way. They used to have their ups and downs when they were in high school, married, and lately they've been a pretty rock-solid foundation. At no point did I actually think...
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