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If anybody tells you The [spam] [spam]are not as funny as they were in the 90's there wrong. They stoped watching The [spam] [spam]not because there not funny. Its because after so many years on the air, the characters dont have the same impact as they did when they premered. There still as funny as ever but people get board and they start looking for the next big show.
I still laugh up a storm when I watch The [spam] [spam]. Yes there are some episodes that are not as good as the rest, but all the early seasons had the same amount of off The [spam] Boxset. It's just people want to hold on to the episodes they rememberd as a kid so they feel young. The [spam] stands as the funniest show to ever grace the television screen. The dry and biting humor that formed the comedic genius of The [spam] seriescarried it for many many years. I consider season 10 to be the last season that displayed some worthiness.

Great writing, interesting characters, heart-rending stories... all this and the terrific backdrop of Philadelphia make "Cold Case [spam]" must-watch TV!
I'm throwing in my two cents after hearing whispers that " Cold Case Seasons 1-6 [spam]" is in danger of cancellation. Not because it's suffering with low ratings, but because CBS wants to cut costs. Well, there are a whole bunch of ways to do that without removing one of the bright spots in their amazing lineup (like FINALLY ending the yawners "Survivor-East Bunghole" and "Amazing Race".... but I digress!). I understand that there's a reason Baskin-Robbins makes 31 flavors, but everyone has a favorite. And " Cold Case 1-6 [spam]" is one of my go-to choices, like "CSI" & "CSI-New York" from CBS. The writing is taut, the characters an interesting mix, from the beautiful but damaged Lily Rush (Kathryn Morris) & her partner, Scottie Valens (Danny Pino), to the underappreciated supporting crew like the stern but supportive Lt. Stillman (under-utilized John Finn), old vet Will Jeffries (Thom Barry) and the hysterical antics of Detective Nick Vera (the talented Jeremy Ratchford). And the whole thing is enhanced by the terrific backdrop of Philadelphia - an amazing city of history and grit that is such a tremendous departure from the standard, boring choices most shows stick to, like New York & LA.
In a landscape where so much is available between cable and network fare, Cold Case 1-6stands out as different, engaging (using terrific music backgrounds to augment the story), and intelligent. One can only hope that if CBS makes the wrong decision and decides to let it go, that another network is smart enough to bring it home. They won't be sorry, and legions of fans like myself will find another week of emotional storytelling that quite often brings tears and sobs. It's quite the show that can do that, and in a way that makes you want to come back for more! Long live " Cold Case series 1-6"!

I believe that most feel as I do. [spam] [spam]has got to be the all time Classic of the century. when I finally did come across the [spam] series 1-11, I was totally hooked.I believe that [spam] Boxset will always be the crowning glory of their careers. I have all the other seasons encluding the Eleventh and Final season and when the Tenth Season arrives in the next few days, I will have the complete series of [spam] series 1-11.Some may make you laugh now and then but "[spam]" not only makes you laugh, [spam] box set makes you feel good. There is an episode or two that will put tears in your eyes and that is good as [spam] seriestouches your heart and allows you to express heartfelt feelings. For anyone who may be thinking about getting a [spam] series, do not hesitate, as you will not be disappointed. I watch [spam] 1-11 [spam] quite frequently and can speak each actor's part and I will say that I do not get tired of seeing [spam] Seasons.

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