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I have always been a fan of The [spam] Seasons 1-6 [spam], even though I'm a man. I loved every minute of the 1st season of The [spam] Seasons, then the 2nd season turned me off due to Jenny's ugly haircut, the the 3rd season really made me mad because of Dana's death. The 4th season was just boring to me. In the 5th season, I got real tired of seeing the endless love scenes. When Six came around, I realized The [spam] series was my favorite season since the first and I loved it. Personally, I think that Jenny committed suicide. I mean, she was a human car crash. I will definitely miss The [spam] [spam]. And I think the final episode is one of the best episodes of The [spam] Boxset .Smoothly done with great flow between scenes and characters .Well played, well done, I wish the whole season and the whole The [spam] 1-6 [spam] was done on the same scale .Season one pilot, season one finale and this season six finale they all are a must see!!!

Alright, so I LOVE [spam] [spam], however I found this season of [spam] Seasons to be the lacking. The characters that we know and love seem to make some drastic changes in personality - therefore changing the overall chemistry of the actors. I was a bit disappointed and it left me wondering if [spam] series has run too long...but that being said a 'bad' season of [spam] is still ten times better than most sitcoms that are on today! [spam] Boxset wasn't a complete wash Phylis is still hilarious! Not only did I like this season of the [spam], but I truly felt [spam] [spam] was one of the better seasons so far. I think [spam] 1-5 had more serious, character evolving moments and those are in a way what I really enjoy most. There were so many moments in this season where I started feeling like Michael was maturing and becoming aware in a way he hadn't been before. I liked the arc between Andy, Angela, and Dwight. I thought [spam] [spam] was a fantastic season for Andy Bernard as he was really annoying to me in the first seasons he was in and this season really made a person become sympathetic to him. [spam] remains one of the funniest shows on television. The fifth season confirms that. [spam] Boxset took some bold steps, but kept within the spirit of the characters. (Only the Superbowl episode is a rare miss.) [spam] 1-5 [spam]also reminds us how a guy like Michael Scott could have been promoted in the first place. He's a clueless man, but an amazing salesman.

I fell in love with Felicity [spam]the moment it aired. Felicity Boxset was a show like i had never seen before, and Felicity series made me feel "not alone" in a sense. Though season 4 does not have the same great story lines of seasons 1 & 2, Felicity Seasons ties together everything fairly well, and completes Felicity's college career. For anyone who loves a good drama, without falling prey to the cliche's of the more modern, s-e-x-filled shows today, Felicity Boxsetis an amazing selection. I purchased Felicity Seasons 1-4 set for my daughter's birthday and she just loved Felicity [spam]! Her response when she received the gift package in the mail was that I couldn't have picked a more perfect gift!! I highly recommend Felicity Seasons 1-4 [spam]to anyone who loved the television series but never had time to watch all the shows.

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