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Farscape Seasons 1-4 [spam] is a unique and wonderful series with great
writing, compelling characters and one of the best TV romances even outside of Sci Fi that many people will never see because of the genre. Sure,
Farscape Seasonsis a little crazy, corky, cheezy at times. Farscape [spam] is not meant to take itself too seriously. The premis is very Buck Rodgers, but the characters are quite unique and interesting. Crichton is well cast and Claudia Black is just a flat out goddess as Aeryn Sun. Gigi Edgley as Chiara creates one of the more intriquing vampish personalities I have seen in Sci Fi. I didn't like everythinyFarscape [spam]threw at me and ocasionally there are characters so iritating (the screaming girl - later season) that it ruined the episode. Overall, Farscape [spam] is still one of my favorite TV Sci Fi series.

MASH Seasons 1-11 [spam]is timeless, it related to the everyday world we live in even now. When Mash was first on television I did not get to see every episode because of school and work. Thanks to technology it will be preserved forever. I purchase the whole
MASH [spam], but found it was my teenaged son that enjoys it maybe even more than I do. Now even my pre-teen son likes to pop it in the recorder now and then; and yes if any of us are around we are drawn to
MASH series. Where else can you get a witty, humorous, and thought provoking experience. There are those that do not like the fact that there were obvious changes with different characters. We loved them all. That is the way life is. People come and go in our lives all the time, we just have to learn how to make the most of it, and have fun while we are doing it .MASH Boxset proved better than any show that cast changes can be done right. And this was the second season with Winchester, who finally fit into the overall picture better. He was not a spitful comic foil as Burns had been. But he was a more well rounded character. So were all the characters. After 7 years, MASH [spam]was impossible for MASH Seasons to continue to be the vaudville style comedy it had been in season one and two. MASH Seasons was the death of Henry at the end of season three that paved the way for a more serious show. Or at least more believable characters, who evolved as their situation changed.

I think ThatThat 70s Show Season 1-8 [spam]is very funny. That 70s Show Season 1-8 [spam]is a show that you'll love to watch over and over again because That 70s Show [spam]is so funny and different.That 70s Show [spam] really brings me back to the good old days. Fans of That 70s Show seasonswon't be disappointed. I went through college watching That 70s Show series. That 70s Show Season is an excellent purchase for those looking forward getting all seasons in one "stash" box. A must-have for That 70s Show Boxset fans. My Husband and I love That 70s Show [spam] . The giftset was everything we expected it to be. We love watching That 70s Show Seasonsin the order that it is supposed to be in. We are still not done but it insures that we are in for some more laughs and fun. Great, I would advise anyone who loves That 70s Show seasons to buy That 70s Show Season 1-8 . That 70s Show Boxset is well worth the money.

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